24 Hour Cycle Ride – How far can he go?

On the 11th & 12th November 2017 Samuel Wyatt-Haines will be attempting to ride as far as possible in two 12 hour efforts to raise money for the David Shepherd Cricket Trust

How can you support him and raise money for the Trust?

1. Go to his Virgin Money Giving page and make a donation of any sum you think his efforts are worth

2. Go to his Virgin Money Giving page and:

  • Make a donation of a minimum of £5 to enter a Sweepstake to guess the total miles cycled in the 24 hour period.  
  • Just write your guess in the comments box alongside your donation
  • The person closest to actual miles travelled will win 2 tickets for a T20 mach at Somerset next season

3. Join Samuel on his ride

  • Details shown below.

Thank you for your support.

Where and when is the cycle ride?

On the Saturday and Sunday 11th & 12th November 2017 and Samuel will be riding continuously from 6 AM to 6 PM from the Exeter Cricket Club up to Tiverton and back again.  It’s about 40 miles. He is hoping to do 5 or 6 loops each day.


How can you join Samuel on his ride?

1.  Social Group Ride

At about 12 noon on both the Saturday and Sunday, he will set off from Heathcoat Cricket Club for a “Social Group Ride” down to the Exeter Cricket Club for coffee and cake and then back to Heathcoat CC for more cake.  You can join him one way or both ways as you wish.

The aim is to average about 12mph (19kph) and to cover the loop once. If you have a bike then please come and join him!  It will be a very social ride and it will make the 24 hour effort far more entertaining!

To join the ride, please make a donation of £10 or more and leave a note on your comments box to say you will be coming along so we know to expect you (and your friends and family).

2.  Serious riders wanted

Or… if you would like to do more than just the one loop, then feel free to cycle with Samuel in either the morning session or in the final two hours of the day.  Riding will be paced at about 17/18 mph (28kph).

To join him, please make a donation of £10 or more for each lap and leave a note on your comments box to say you will be coming along so we know to expect you (and your friends and family).

Alternatively, start your own Virgin Money Giving page and raise your own sponsorship for the Trust.

The aim of the ride is to ride as far as possible over a 24 hour period and raise as much money as possible for the David Shepherd Cricket Trust.

Please go to Samuel’s Virgin Money Giving page to donate.  Thank you.

Membership of the Trust

We also hope that you will want to become a member of the Trust and it’s easy to do.

Download your membership form here.