Chagford use grant cash to run 12 indoor sessions

A £600 grant from the David Shepherd Cricket Trust enabled Chagford to stage 12 indoor coaching sessions during the winter.

Eleven clubs in Devon qualified for grants thanks to a scheme run by the Trust last year.

The Trust needs members to help support its work and offered £600 grants to the first 11 clubs to sign up 10 new recruits.

Chagford spent their grant running sessions at the Parklands Leisure Centre in Okehampton for boys aged nine to 15. Between 40-45 boys across the ability spectrum benefited from coaching.

“The sessions were used to further develop the skills of these boys, or give an opportunity to those who need extra coaching away from the busy Friday night outdoor sessions held throughout the summer,” said Chagford’s Neil Rowlands.

“The coaches had a two -lane net facility within the sports hall along with plenty of additional space for warm-ups, fielding drills and use of the ‘kanon for catching practice.

“We found these sessions beneficial to all attendees, from those attending District sessions, and needing some additional practice, to giving our club squads a kick-start to their outdoor season.

“The club are indebted to the David Shepherd Cricket Trust for the financial contribution that allowed us to continue to run these sessions and provide valuable practice to our squads.”

To find out more about assistance from the David Shepherd Cricket Trust towards player and coach development, or how to become a supporter of their work, visit