Grant Applications

If we are successful in everything else we do, we will have the funds to invest in youth cricket across the county. To make successful investments, we need to know about your project.  Please apply using the form below.

The aims of the Trust

Always remember that our assessment of an application will be made against our aims:

  • Helping more children to play and enjoy the great game of cricket
  • Helping the talented to become future stars of the game

Our application procedure

  • You submit a request for a grant using the form below
  • The application will be reviewed by the Trustees
  • We will check to see if you or many members of your organisation are already members of the Trust – we try to support our own members, because they have supported us
  • Further information may be asked for
  • You will be advised of our decision.  We hope to do this within one month of receipt.

Standard conditions of our support

  • We will ask for a minimum a number of new members to join the trust before the funds are released. We may ask for your club or organisation to join as well.
  • We will ask you to organise a photo shoot and cheque handover ceremony so that your organisation and the Trust can get coverage for the good work we are both doing.
  • We will agree 2 to 3 objectives with you and ask for feedback from you about your success.
  • To ensure the effective application of funds the Trustees will review this feedback and assess how effectively the funds have met the Trust’s objectives.

Application Form

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