Praise for Trust’s work with Board coaching programme

THE work of the David Shepherd Cricket Trust has been praised by Devon’s cricket development manager.

The Trust grant aided the Devon Cricket Board by subsidising candidates taking up places on ECB coaching courses.

In his annual report on coach education over the past year, Matt Theedom thanked the Trust for its ‘massive support’.

Said Theedom: “The David Shepherd Cricket Trust has again been a massive support to the candidates and to Devon Cricket.

“The trust heavily subsidised places (£100 each) for those candidates who became members of the DSCT.

“This has clearly enabled more people to access courses, which in turn has the knock-on effect of more young people in Devon receiving better coaching, which can only be a positive for the county.

“We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Trust for their on going support to coaching in Devon and all they do to support Devon Cricket.”

Theedom said the year has been a great success for coach education with more candidates than ever attending the certificate courses (equivalent to old level two).

Three courses have been run in the county.

The certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults course took place at the Cricket Centre in Exeter.

Two certificates in Coaching Children were held at Plymouth College and West Buckland School.

These courses specialise in either coaching children (under 13) or young people and adults (over 13).

“The focus of each course promotes a player-centered coaching philosophy, and with two separate courses we can meet the differing needs of players and coaches working with different ages and abilities,” said Theedom.

“Working with a 15 year old with several years of experience requires a different set of skills to working with an eight year old who has never played cricket before.

“Therefore by having two separate courses, tutors are able to tailor the courses to the needs of the coaches attending and ultimately their players.”

During courses candidates discussed their own coaching philosophies, what high-quality coaching looks like, the different types of practices they can set up – Game-based scenarios or working on a particular skill – as well as looking at the physical, tactical and mental parts of the game and the technical side of batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping.

“Candidates had plenty of opportunities to design and deliver mini sessions to each other,” said Theedom.

“Now that the courses have finished, candidates are able to go back to their clubs, with support from senior coaches, to put all their new knowledge into action before their final assessment and ongoing support.”

All information regarding future course can be found on the Devon Cricket website.