Trust offers youth sections three helmets and six balls for £50

CRICKET clubs in Devon with youth sections have been offered a helping hand by the David Shepherd Cricket Trust replacing helmets that don’t conform to ECB regulations.

The ECB changed the specification for helmets in use this season, leaving clubs with piles of redundant gear they are no longer allowed to share out amongst youngsters.

With helmets costing £30 and upwards even for junior sizes, replacing them comes at a sizeable cost to clubs.

That is why the David Shepherd Cricket Trust, the charity that supports youth cricket in Devon, has come up with a scheme to replace the obsolete kit.

The Trust has set aside £5,000 to buy 100 helmets and 30 boxes of six match balls.

The helmets, which come in three different colours, will all be embroidered with the David Shepherd Cricket Trust logo. The match balls will all be stamped the Trust crest.

The equipment should be available by the end of May to distribute to clubs who make an application.

Mark Ansell, the chairman of the Trust, said: “The offer is open to all clubs in Devon with a youth section.

“In return for a £50 donation, we will supply the first 30 clubs who make an application with three helmets and a box of match balls.

“As the cost would be around £150, there is a substantial saving for clubs.”

An application form is at the foot of this page

The Trust supports youth coaching at all ability levels in Devon from softball cricket for beginners to specialist coaching for the Devon players of the future.

The Trust relies on fund-raising events and membership subscriptions to raise around £20,000 a year to pour into youth cricket coaching.

The annual membership drive helps keep the coffers topped up. Grants of up to £600 are available for clubs who introduce new members.

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